Monday, 27 February 2012

Outlook Express : message get stuck in the Outbox

Messages stuck in outbox

Method 1:

Disconnect the Internet connection
  1. Unplug the Internet cable from the Computer.
  2. Right click on the email from the Outbox and click on Delete.

Method 2:

Rename outbox.dbx
Click on Start>Search  
Click on All files and folders
Type outbox.dbx under Name
Click on more advanced options & Select
Click on Search
Rename outbox.dbx to outbox.old
Close all the windows
Open Outlook Express

Method 3:

Delete the Attachment from the Email
  1. Double click on the large email and open it.
  2. Right click on the attachment and left click on Remove/Delete/Clear
  3. Close the email and it will Prompt you if you want to save it, Click on yes.
  4. Right click on the email and click on delete.