Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Micrsoft Office 2010 : Unable to open office application Error : side by side configuration is incorrect.

1)      Start > Control panel > programs and features.
2)      Uninstall All version of VC++ including VC++ 2005, VC++ 2008 and VC++ 2009
3)      Start > Run > regedit > Click on Edit > Find and search for Microsoft.VC90.CRT > delete Microsoft.VC90.CRT and click on F3 multiple times to find more entries  until the whole search is complete.
4)      Restart the computer
5)      Download and install VC++ 2008 and VC++ 2008 SP1
6)      Open office application > for the first time you will get configuration prompt wait till the configuration  is complete
7)      Close office application and re open it and you are good to go.