Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Error “Upload pending: Server unavailable” or “Upload failed: Locked by another user” when saving files [FIXED]

Last updated: April 4, 2017
When creating large Office files—pre-saved documents with a size greater than 3.5MB—and saving them for the first time to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint document library, you may receive an error message indicating upload and/or locking problems during save.
This issue impacts the following Office versions:
Office 365 Subscribers for Windows: 16.0.7870.2013 or greater
Office 2016 one-time purchase for Windows: Version 1702 (Build 7870.2013) or greater
Office for Windows Mobile: 17.7830.1009 or greater
Office for Android: 16.0.7830.1002 or greater
Upload Pending: Server unavailable
Upload Failed: Locked by another user

PowerPoint error: File has not been uploaded to the server.
This issue has been fixed in builds 16.0.7870.2031 or later, which are being automatically rolled out, but you can update manually to receive the fix right away.
Open any of the Office apps, then go to File > Account, (or Office Account in Outlook) > Update OptionsUpdate Now.
See Install Office updates for more information on how to download updates manually.

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