Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Can't Access your Microsoft account? Escalate your issue to Microsoft Account Specialist Team

If you have already exhausted all possible self-service option for your issue, you can escalate your issue to the level 2 support : Account Specialist Team by submitting an Escalation Support Ticket. This might take a little of your time but it's worth to do.
(Note: They can only be contacted through this ticket submission, in this way they can guarantee the security of your support request).

Below is the instruction on how to submit the Escalation Support Ticket.
Things that you need?
  • 1.) Other "accessible & active" Microsoft Account. Why? Because the ticket can  only be access through Microsoft account. This is the only way we can guarantee the security of your information. 
  • ( you can sign up and get one at    https://signup.live.com if you don't have one) 
  • 2.) An updated browser (IE 9.0 +, Google Chrome or Firefox).
Here's how you do it.

Log in your Microsoft Account at http://account.live.com  (With your most accessible Microsoft Account as discussed on things that you need above)
**Why? Because the ticket can only be access through Microsoft account for you to be able to see the ticket. ( you can sign up and get one at    https://signup.live.comif you don't have one) 
After signing in, please go the link below and wait until the page loads completely and you should see the escalation ticket form.
               Support Request Ticket -- Click here !
STEP 3: 
Once you successfully see the ticket like what you should see using the image below, you can now follow the form on how you can escalate you support ticket by following the image below.

After submitting the form, you will will receive a confirmation email on your contact Microsoft account. But just to set your expectation, this might take within 24 hours to review your concern.Image
**Reminder : You will receive a reference number that starts with SRX***********ID and kindly keep it so you can able check and follow up your support request.
**You may check the status of your support request using the link below.  (Sign in with the Microsoft Account that you use to submit your support request)
                  Escalation Status Check Link - Click here
Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Please comment if this helps you a lot.
                                     **  Please click on the link below to contact us back **

                                    Contact Us - Microsoft Account Support **CLICK HERE**

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